Our Backstory

Informing Health was born after co-founders Amy and Melissa taught a series of community workshops about health information literacy to help people find, understand, evaluate, and share quality online information. Over and over again, participants would ask about best places to search online or how to tell if what they found was trustworthy. Providers would complain about patients and caregivers who would bring “snake oil” miracle cures to their appointments.

Melissa and Amy wondered if there was a way beyond education to cut out some of the guesswork, information overload, roadblocks, and frustration that so many people experienced when trying to find good health information online. After years of research, they came up with Informing Health, which combines technology with the honed skills/experienced judgment of medical and information professionals to give patients and caregivers the power of high-quality information to inform their decisions.

We would like to thank the following individuals & organizations for their help & support in this project

  • Kevin Stephenson
  • Ashley Sinnappan
  • Ashley West
  • Samantha Hageman
  • NAU Intellectual Property Office
  • ASU Library
  • Gerald Lamb

Legal Disclaimer

Information provided on this website is of general nature and is designed for educational purposes only. If you have concerns about your health or the health of someone for whom you provide care you should always consult a physician or other healthcare professional. This information is provided to assist your health journey but does not replace information which is discussed with your health care team. It is intended to add to the body of knowledge not to replace your medical advice.