About Co-Founder

Melissa L. Johnson

Melissa L. Johnson, MSLS

Recognizing that knowledge fuels action, Melissa strives to create a better world in which decisions are made based on information best suited to the situation and for those who may or may not be at the table. Over the past 8 years in libraries, Melissa has taught patients, caregivers, students, instructors, and community members how to find quality information to improve their lives. Her experiences across educational institutions in Arizona span information literacy education, digital project management, user experience testing, library web design and analytics, health literacy research, reference services, critical librarianship and inclusion, and integrated libraries. Alongside her work, Melissa enjoys sampling new vegetarian foods, consuming sci-fi, inline skating outdoors, dabbling in art, finding typos, listening to the radio, and hanging out with her animal friends and family.

Melissa was invited by co-founder, Dr. Amy Armstrong-Heimsoth, and a team of graduate students to join a project formerly known as Good Googling, a series of community health information literacy workshops in which patients and caregivers learned how to find quality information online. Despite positive results, Melissa and Amy realized that teaching small groups in person was not a sustainable method of improving communities’ health information literacy skills. Informing Health was thought up as a way to both remove common barriers to finding good information as well as a way to reach more people.